Communication Protocols

Communication Protocols

Communication Protocols

Link Communication Protocol

Link Communication

Short description on Link Protocol:

Parker SSD Link is basically a closed loop, event driven, peer-to-peer, network system. Link communicates by using fiber optic cable at 2.7M baud

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FireWire Communication Protocol

FireWire Protocol

Short description on FireWire Protocol:

FireWire IEEE1394 can be described as a high speed peer-to-peer serial bus. It is used for I/O, networking drives, and similar industrial field hardware.

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Profibus Communication Protocol

Profibus Protocol

Short description on Profibus Protocol:

Profibus is an extremely popular standard for field bus communication, and is used commonly in industrial process automation.

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EtherNet Communication Protocol

Ethernet Protocol

Short description on EtherNet Protocol:

Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP, and Profinet are used widely and long standing open Ethernet-based protocols that allow networking of SSD drives to a variety of PLC’s, HMI’s, and other devices.

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CANopen Communication Protocol

CANopen Protocol

Short description on CANopen Protocol:

CANopen is a CAN-based higher layer protocol. It is used for motion oriented machine control networks, and contains highly flexible configuration capabilities.

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ControlNet Communication Protocol

ControlNET Protocol

Short description on ControlNet Protocol:

ControlNet is an open network protocol used mainly in industrial automation. It is a real-time control layer network based on the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), and is a provider of high speed transport data.

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DeviceNet Communication Protocol

DeviceNet Protocol

Short description on DeviceNet Protocol:

DeviceNet is a low-level network providing connections among simple industrial devices like sensors and motor controllers to higher level devices.

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Modbus Communication Protocol

Modbus Protocol

Short description on Modbus Protocol:

Modbus RTU is a basic and efficient protocol that makes use of the RS-232/485 serial network. It operates at 57 kBaud, and can communicate with up to 32 nodes, with maximum cable length of 1200 meters, while using RS485.

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