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Resolvers are Essential Electro-Mechanical Components

Resolvers are used in many applications for precise motor control. Even in the harshest environmental conditions (e.g. deep down in mines or up in space on board the ISS), our resolvers operate without wear and are fail-safe.

Operating Principle of a Resolver

After optical rotary encoders, resolvers are the most commonly used type of displacement and angle sensor. They convert the angular position of a rotor to two voltages. The absolute position can be represented clearly in this way. Modern resolvers are usually brushless and the information is transmitted through induction. Unlike rotary or incremental encoders, resolvers provide an absolute signal within a single revolution and therefore do not have to be calibrated after switching on.

Resolvers are used for open and closed-loop control tasks such as electric servo drives, positioning drives and machines with interdependent motors. The robustness and availability of the systems are of central importance. Our brushless resolvers operate without wear and are fail-safe, even in the harshest environmental conditions (e.g. extreme temperatures).

In addition, we offer electrical circuits for evaluating the resolver’s analogue output signals. Rotary encoder output signals can be emulated, for example. Using our downstream electronics, the analogue signal can also be digitized.

Resolvers are Successfully Used for Precise Control in Many Applications:

  • Textile Machinery
  • Mining Machinery
  • Servo Motors
  • Industrial Robots
  • Hybrid Drives and (Mobile) Automation
  • Maintenance-Free Systems at Low Temperatures in Exposed Applications


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