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Safety Light Curtains

The new generation of safety light curtains represent an ideal solution for safety problems on machinery and industrial plants. Our range of safety light curtains permit the widest application of cat. 4 and are designed to conform to the following European directives:

  • 2006/42/CE machinery directive
  • 2006/95/CE directive low voltage
  • 2004/108/CE electromagnetic compatibility directive

The elegant aesthetic form, the small dimensions of the cross section of the transmitter/receiver (enabling sure admission to the production process), as well as low pricing compared to the competition, have helped to extend the use of these safety light curtains to wherever it’s necessary to protect operators from the risks of using dangerous machinery.

The EFESTO 4 safety light curtains are normally employed as straight elements. They replace the Aster models for their different characteristics. The Keeper curtains are formed by a straight element plus lateral “T” and “L” profile arms containing the muting sensors.

EFESTO 4 Safety Light Curtains (Optic)

EFESTO 4 Safety Light Curtains

The new generation EFESTO 4 optic safety light curtains are designed to protect fingers, hands and and the body. Resolution from 14 up to 330 mm. Height protected from 170 up to 3000 mm Cat. 4. Muting and blanking on request. EFESTO 4 optic safety light curtains are widely used on all systems where it’s necessary to protect operators working in dangerous areas.

EFESTO 4 Safety Light Curtain Features


EFESTO 4 Safety Light Curtains

On large presses for moulding and bending (where vertical protection must be installed to a predefined distance from the danger zone) the presence of the operator must keep the machine constantly blocked even after having passed through the vertical barrier. There are therefore safety curtains consisting of a high resolution vertical unit (14 or 30 mm) and a higher resolution horizontal one connected in series to the vertical unit to be able to detect the presence of the operator generally by the legs.

Alignement system with LED indicator to facility the installation.

A LED system housed in the receiver facilitates alignment during installation. Two connection systems are available:

  • with a 500 mm cable
  • with square connections to maintain constant resolution

KEEPER Safety Light Curtains

KEEPER Safety Light Curtains

These safety light curtain models have innovative characteristics. All safety curtain units are available either with “T” and “L” shape arms containing muting sensors or in the straight version (on request) with external sensors. Resolution from 14 to 320 mm. Protected height from 250 up to 3000 mm. Applications include palletizers, automatic stores, robotic areas, etc.

General characteristics of KEEPER Safety Light Curtains

KEEPER Safety Light Curtains

Emitter With connector M12 4 poles male
Test To simulate the beams OFF
Restart automatic time
External muting
Arms muting
Muting enable
Lamp signalling
2 x PNP short circuit protection
Starting of barrier
Automatic or manual
Control for external contactors
3 LED for different indication
Temporary exclusion of barrier
Two sensors
Parallel or across beams with 2 or 4 sensors
ON /OFF the function of muting
Function allows pallet removal in cases of blockage
External lamp for signaling muting function
Signalling of OSSD output status
Signalling of barrier OFF in muting phase

ASTER Safety Light Curtains

ASTER Safety Light Curtains   

This ASTER safety light curtain is formed by two types of barriers: models BE and IN. They both provide a relay power output of 3 A 250 volt. The BE type is formed by an external box, while the IN type has the box incorporated in the receiver.

They are applied on all systems where it’s necessary to protect operators in dangerous areas and are
designed for cat. 2 and cat. 4.

The Aster line of safety light curtains will gradually be replaced by the new EFESTO 4 models, which have new functions making them more functional and flexible for wider range of applications.

Visit Grein Safety Curtains for more information

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