Panel Air Conditioners / Cooling Electronics

Are you providing sufficient cooling for your panel | enclosure | electronics?

Make use of the best Panel Air Conditioners or Panel Cooling Solutions when cooling the electronics in your Panel / Electrical Enclosure.
We highly recommend making use of our Panel Air Conditioners when purchasing any of the ATI Systems panels or electrical enclosures. We have a wide range of Panel Air Conditioners available to suit your Panel Air Conditioning needs. For more information on Panel Air Conditioners contact ATI Systems.

Why make use of Panel Cooling or Panel Air Conditioners (Cooling Electronics)?

Electronics running at a cool constant temperature assures plant availability and increases profit.

Factors affecting plant availability

  • As electronics performance and wattage increases over the years, so do heat. Heat ruins electronics.
  • Electronics need to run at a cool constant temperature in order to allow for optimal plant availability.
  • Sufficient cooling extends the life of electronics.
  • Too high temperatures void manufacturers’ warranties and reduce the life expectancy of electronics.
  • In case of closed loop cooling, contaminants are kept outside the panel.
When should I make use of panel cooling (Cooling Electronics) and what form of cooling should be used?

Panel Air Conditioners should be used when,

Panel Air Conditioners / Cooling
  1. The temperature inside the cabinet need to be cooler than the temperature outside of the cabinet and/or humidity control is desired inside the cabinet.
  2. The air surrounding the cabinet is loaded with contaminants like dust, saturated oils and corrosive elements.



Panel Heat Exchangers should be used when,

Panel Heat Exchangers
  1. The enclosure housing the electronics is situated in an air-conditioned environment.
  2. The air surrounding the cabinet is loaded with contaminants like dust, saturated oils and corrosive elements.


Panel Filter Fans should be used when,

Panel Filter Fans
  1. The temperature inside the cabinet is slightly higher than the temperature outside the cabinet.
  2. The air surrounding the cabinet is suitable for the application.


Panel Water-Cooled Air Conditioners should be used when,

Panel Water Cooled Air Conditioner
  1. The air surrounding the cabinet is very hot or loaded with contaminants.
  2. Chilled water is available near the equipment.
  3. Heat from the air conditioner condenser coil cannot be dissipated nearby the electronics cabinet.


Panel Vortex Compressed Air Conditioners should be used when,

Panel Vortex Coolers
  1. The air surrounding the cabinet is very hot, dirty or too corrosive to cool the electronics.
  2. Compressed air is available near the equipment.
  3. A normal air conditioner may not fit the space available.
  4. A modest level of cooling is required (up to 2500 BTUs or 735 Watts per hour).

Refrigerant-free Switch Cabinet / Enclosure Coolers

Switch Cabinet Coolers
  1. Our Basic series of refrigerant-free switch cabinet coolers are designed for use in small switch cabinets/enclosures. They still offer all the advantages of the larger refrigerant-free switch cabinet coolers, for example, installation in any position, quick start-up by a simple mains connection, or interchangeability with, for example, a more powerful switch cabinet cooler of the same size.

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